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Vinyl memories: Share your record shop experiences?

What was your go-to record store? Favourite purchase?

  • We're looking for your record store memories: Did you have a go-to place to buy vinyl?

    What was favourite location? Best find? Share your stories below.
  • Who could forget lining up at Sam the Record man for their boxing day specials. For the rest of the year, I went in every Friday night after my high school part time job. Bought something every week. I always preferred Sam's over A&A. But the real pilgrimage was to NYC to Tower Records, Bleeker Bob's and Jazz Record Centre and many others. In the days prior Amazon and All Music guide, I would pour over the Rolling Stone Record guides, make my lists and then go on the quest. The act of buying music is not the same anymore. But in the race to zero, no one buys music anymore. Too bad. That is why we are reflecting on it today.
  • My favourite locations in Toronto are thrift stores like Goodwill and Value Village. The downside is that you don't always find something good, but when you do, it can be gold. Best find was a big trove of '60s and '70s jazz LPs at a Goodwill.
  • I will never forget buying my first John Coltrane record. I was standing in Record on Wheels on Yonge Street trying to decide which one to get. One of the regular staff came over and guided me towards A Love Supreme. He said that this was not only THE Coltrane record to buy but of all the jazz albums in the store, this was the most important. I thought this comment was over the top but with maturity comes wisdom. He wasn't that far off the mark. I purchased 100's of albums there which I still have. I only wish I would have bought more Japanese pressings.
  • I remember as a 17 year old in 1978 hearing Van Halen's debut album for the 1st time on a promo copy before it was widespread available. I tell you, I just could not believe my ears! I was an aspiring guitar player myself and so hearing Eddie for the first time shook me up big-time. This was in a small shop called Record Stop in Cooksville, Mississauga. It was directly across from my high school, so I was a frequent visitor and was introduced to a huge variety of music from that period. The shop keeper was a much older long-haired hippie dude who had been around the block many times. He was also a professional drummer himself. A really cool time musically to be coming of age!!
  • Growing up in Toronto I spent a lot of time in the old Sam the Record Man store down on Yonge when I was in high school. They had everything I needed. As I got older, Peter Dunn's Vinyl Museum on Bloor across from the Albert Hall became the place to hang out. We used to drive out to the Lakeshore warehouse store to browse the new arrivals!! Great stuff. Now, I wherever I go in the world, I google 'vinyl record stores nearby' and the hits never fail.
    I will give a plug for my fantastic town store here in Victoria "The Turntable" with vinyl gurus Ernie and Gary.
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